Local attractions

The Boppard area offers a wide choice of things to do and see.
Here are just a few ideas.


Boppard has the most beautiful Rhine promenade in the whole of the Middle Rhine Valley. You can walk there in about 3 minutes.

The chairlift takes you up to two viewpoints. From Gedeon’s Corner (Gedeonseck) you get a fantastic view of the horseshoe bend on the Rhine and from Four Lakes View (Vierseenblick) the Rhine appears as a chain of four lakes.

Directly opposite our hotel lie the remains of the Roman fort. In late Roman times the fort was an impressive size with walls measuring 308 x 154 meters forming a triangle covering almost 4.7 hectares. On the land side the walls were 3 meters thick and those facing the river were 2.5 meters.
At 9 meters high, the walls underlined the defensive capabilities of the fort which was further fortified by 20 horseshoe-shaped towers located every 27 m along the land-side. Boudobriga – as the Romans used to call our city – was one of the major Roman settlements along the Middle Rhine. You can find evidence of this all over Boppard.

Take a trip on the little tourist train and explore the Roman history and numerous attractions in Boppard’s historic old town.

The Electoral Castle has been extensively renovated in recent years and will reopen soon. The castle is home to Boppard’s museum, featuring exhibits by Thonet and Humperdinck, among others. The museum is currently closed to visitors.

You should definitely not miss a romantic boat trip along the Rhine with its countless fortresses and castles that are certainly also worth a visit.